The Art of Fashion

The staff at Ambience are experts in dressing women and providing them with high-quality clothing and impeccable fashion tips.  Ambience is inspired by the passion to enhance and transforms women's sense of self through fashion.


Grace Guido, co-owner and original founder of Ambience is a woman who's in the know when it comes to all things fashion.  Since 1982, Grace has been doling out trusted style advice and helping celebrate Ambience customers' true fashionistas inside and out.  She is a natural at dressing women, capitalizing on the assets that make a woman uniquely attractive.  Grace is the go-to-girl when it comes to all of the current style trends.  Whether she's scoping out the latest looks before they hit the stores, or assisting loyal customers in choosing formalwear for special occasions, this style enthusiast is your connection to all the latest and greatest in shopping.

Dorothy Regan, co-owner of Ambience specializes in understanding mood and tone in fashion, matching accessories and choosing outfits that make a statement.  With 20+ years of working in corporate America under her belt, Dorothy knows just how to present a polished image.  So whether you’re looking for a new “power suit” for work or a sexy little black dress for an upcoming event, Dorothy helps make it all happen.   Before becoming co-owner of Ambience, Dorothy was one of Grace’s many loyal customers for more than two decades.  The duo’s fit is ideal and their philosophies and visions are in sync.  They have created an innovative fashion resource with “the best of Soho” that Ambience customers trust…and keep coming back for more!

Our Store:

Walk through the doors of Ambience and experience the urban vibe created by the warehouse motif, a hint of Tuscany, international nu-style lounge music and the amazing artistry of the clothing.  Ambience customers know why the boutique was selected as one of the top specialty stores in the state of New Jersey.  New Jersey Life magazine calls Ambience “hot, hot, hot” and the staff members are always seeking out emerging designers to keep customers’ looks unique and special.  At Ambience, fashion is a form of art.

Additionally, the boutique supports women’s artistry in many ways-showcasing local female artwork inside the store and holding special event in honor of local artists.  

Our Mission:

It is no secret that it takes only a few seconds for someone to pass judgment on us based on our appearance.  Our clothing and our sense of style “speak” even before we do.  The mission at Ambience is to assist women in selecting a wardrobe that makes a statement: that they are unique, sensuous, amazing and intelligent individuals.  We demystify fashion, ridding clients of all the rules that do not apply.  We believe there is no such thing as rules in fashion; instead guidelines to adopt based on a woman’s sense of style.  We like to consider ourselves “fashion counselors’.  We can assist in picking out attire that looks great, and help provide customer with the tools to add an element of artistry and creativity to their style.